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Invisible Orthodontics

What is invisible orthodontics (braces)?
Invisible braces can realign your teeth without the need for especially affixed braces. We using the very latest in orthodontics technology, Invisible braces treatment gradually moves your teeth into a straighter position and the outcome is a straighter, well-proportioned and healthful smile.
What are the benefits of Invisible Braces?
Practically indistinguishable to the human eye, Invisible braces allows effective treatment without the unnecessary attention of others. The aligners are especially invisible, so very few people will even notice the treatment, not like braces which are unsightly with the prominent metal brackets and wires.
Patients can easily take out Invisible braces aligners at any time, allowing you to do your general activities like drink, brush, eat and floss without any issue. Unlike traditional braces, Invisible brace is not affixed to your teeth permanently so there is not any special brushing or flossing technique to learn and Invisible brace does not carry the same eating restrictions as traditional braces.
Comfortably fitting over the teeth, Invisible brace has smooth edges which do not irritate your gums or cheeks, unlike traditional braces where the hard metal edges can cause irritation in the mouth and jaw.